Mentees 2017-18

  • zsófia ádám

    zsófia ádám

    " I consider the transition between different fields of art to be essential - at first, this manifested as a need for my art to become more spatial and later in a connection with music and sound. Currently, I am working together with both artists and composers on different art and video installations. I am interested in processes, in pointing out and discovering the traces left behind by a certain event as well as preserving temporary things like water, voices, the signs different phenomena leave on their environment, or variables placed in a different context. I believe that by inspecting the events and the matter that surrounds us they have a chance to present themselves in infinite variety. "

  • Kata Gaál

    Kata Gaál

    "When it comes to visualization, I tend to consciously strive for a multitude of visual signs, because for me they are a way of dissecting an issue as well as symbolizing the diversity of interpretations. My ideas always stem from a personal reading of my own experiences. Currently, I am concerned with the observation of the prejudices and stereotypes related to the changes in social and gender roles from women’s perspective but also considering how these affect men. My main interest is the unstable trend generated by social influences which determines the changes in identity and gender roles of our age. I believe that the existence of a work of art is legitimized by how relevant its contents are in its own age - I would like to put this decision on the viewer."

  • Katinka Hajas

    Katinka Hajas

    "I am trying to understand and analyze the details of reality around and inside me mostly with the tools of sculpture, but not only through its language. Choosing a specific genre and displaying a certain intellectual content are a close unit in my works. For me, a sculpture is a mental object of utility, space is a psychological space, while motion pictures are the unit of the two from a particular point of view. I use shapes as minimalistic as possible, thus providing an environment to show material changes that seem to be insignificant in many cases. Reflection, corrosion, erosion, the center of gravity, motion, abrasion, or absorbing ability are often at the core of my message. The context that surrounds it often tends to push the boundaries of genres but seeks the unity of our inner and outer worlds. "

  • Judit Horváth Lóczi

    Judit Horváth Lóczi

    "Besides traditional mediums, I enjoy discovering and using new or extreme objects or materials in my creations. My inspiration always comes from personal stories or situations which are represented by simple abstract and geometric shapes in my works. The base material of my new series is a shaped canvas on which I apply laser-cut wooden panels and other openwork elements. I am planning on continuing in this direction by discovering more of the unique shadows cast by openwork surfaces and the possible meeting points of painting and spatial arts."

  • Péter Mátyási

    Péter Mátyási

    His works are focused on everyday concepts like personal and collective memory, memento, amazement, nature and culture. He tries to interpret the meeting points of similar, often random life events through an architectural way of thinking with the tools of fine art. It is a conscious process which still has many improvised moments mainly because of unpredictable events that put the conceptual ideas into a new light. He regularly use materials that are typically not considered traditional in fine arts.

  • Előd Orbán

    Előd Orbán

    "I wanted to ask questions about the social congeniality of different identities and situations. This approach is still present in my works since my emphasis on viewers asking questions hasn’t faded since. These questions can be aimed at the conscious ambivalence between the pieces and their titles, or the reasons behind how they are visualized. In my newest works I was focusing on depicting the online processes which generate intensified stimuli in society and the pursuit of trendy, but short-lived items. By reducing a sublime and exclusive material like marble to simply a medium, the formal and contextual environment in which I present it in gains a much greater significance for me. It is irrelevant whether it is a clothing item carved out of marble, a piece of stretched canvas, a bag of extruded corn flakes, or air hose connectors."

  • Éva Szakál

    Éva Szakál

    "Nowadays, we spend most of our time on virtual surfaces. The online stimuli and the endless possibilities of a search engine have inspired my latest series. I am trying to catch those moments when slow internet connection reduces the images looked up during a search to homogeneous colour fields, resulting in the screen becoming a composition without motifs and formal associations. This effect, which is defined as an error, is what I paint on the canvas. I visualize basic concepts this way. During browsing, I have become aware that each word has a specific colour scheme. Hereby, this searching method is transformed into a kind of research regarding the relation between colours and concepts."

  • Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy

    Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy

    "In my projects I primarily use technical mediums looking for relationships that are different from the usual approaches, thus revealing the hidden processes underneath the normal layer of operation. I create multimedia installations, often interactive ones, as well as game art pieces. I mostly work with technical imaging media. Besides analogue and digital mapping, I am also experimenting with creating virtual worlds. Nowadays, I am observing astronomical relations. How can the space and time surrounding us be discovered and visualized? How can they become perceivable and approachable as an experience? As ways of looking for an answer, I create unique constructions and installations which attempt to pursue the metaphysics of our reality. "

  • Marina Sztefanu

    Marina Sztefanu

    "I am fascinated by the differences and similarities in different societies, cultures, people and individuals. I am concerned with utopias, social issues and diverse ideas. The thorough inspection of events broadens our understanding of them, so in the end, we can not declare anything because everything can be rewritten by a previously unknown point of view. The fable-like interpretations of history, the solid schemes, the seemingly credible fake news, every fact and misbelief is just a made up scenery. I am building fictional and half-fictional models of reality that are existing parallel to each other."