Explorers 2.0 – The Exhibition of Budapest Art Mentor

Launched in 2017, the Budapest Art Mentor Program will be hosting its second exhibition featuring the works of its twelve mentees. Most of the exhibition consists of works from the past two years, and all artists have been specifically invited to create a new work for the exhibition space of the Ybl Creative House Buda.

The featured artists’ interests cover a wide range regarding both genres and themes – while Tamás Ábel examines aspects of transparency, light and color as well the possibilities connected to the ideas they present through the medium of glass, Áron Majoros does so with his sculptures. Using materials from their immediate environment, Nikolett Balázs and Adrián Klájó bring their peculiar world to life by talking about living on the edge and the visual heritage such a life brings with itself. Tünde Mézes also works with found objects: she is interested in the phenomenon of expropriation and reproduction, through which the past and the new context of objects appear in a space simultaneously. Máté Diósi’s digital and analogue photographs reflect on current issues both local and global, while Gergő Fülöp’s monumental images and installations seek to undermine the certainty of the present, with parallel realities intertwined in them. Andrea Gombos is experimenting with different techniques and materials to interpret the existence and the role of the individual. Ágnes Horváth condenses his own generation’s experience of social media, its impact on privacy and publicity into a variety of opposites. Masks play a central role in Tamás Mikola’s works as the embodiment of social roles – the figures wearing them explore the possibilities of social interaction as well as the ways of liberation from the ego. Balancing between two and three dimensions, man-made landscapes – highways, power lines, architectural vaults – appear on Marcell Németh’s metal plates. In her paintings, Katja Pál examines the medium itself and its relationship with the viewer.

The exhibited artists are all involved in a continuous research process in which they are seeking to find their own artistic position. It is their individual task to explore their interests, their art and, at the same time, themselves. The one-year mentoring program aims to provide them with knowledge that, through an understanding of a managerial approach, will help them both in creative processes and more practical self-management. 

The Budapest Art Mentor program seeks to encourage its mentees and all aspiring artists to realize that a successful artistic career is unthinkable without proper awareness of the art scene. The program aims to fill a gap in education that would specifically provide artists with appropriate communication, economic and legal knowledge, thus helping them to become independent in the art world. At the same time, due to the limited number of participants, mentors are able to focus on artists individually to help them find the most appropriate career path tailored to their personality.

Exhibiting artist: ÁBEL Tamás, BALÁZS Nikolett, DIÓSI Máté, FÜLÖP Gergő, GOMBOS Andrea, HORVÁTH Ágnes, KLÁJÓ Adrián, MAJOROS Áron, MÉZES Tünde, MIKOLA Tamás, NÉMETH Marcell és PÁL Katja

Curator: Pál Sándor TÓTH
Curatorial assistant: Ágnes Hajnalka KOLLER

Opening: 2019 August 29 (Thursday) 6pm

On view: 2019 August 30 – September 22 (every day from 9 am to 7 pm)

Our debut at the Art Marker Budapest contemporary fine art fair<<